Wafangdian city pledges inspect bureau AIDS walk the road of ...

Liaoning dalian wafangdian city pledges inspect bureau in daily work, in order to cultivate brand work as the gripper, through product brand leading role to raise the level of science and technology, promote enterprise product quality and brand development path. Wafangdian at present, the 6 kinds of bearing products in liaoning province famous brand product, 17 kinds of products for brand-name products, dalian wafangdian city famous brand product of 15 kinds of products. Among them, there are 5 companies in wafangdian city mayor bearing quality prize, 1 companies. The governor quality prize in liaoning province.

Bearing industry is iconic industry in dalian and the first industrial brand, therefore, wafangdian city pledges inspect bureau to highlight the bearing industry brand construction as the key point, constantly promote the brand construction work. One is to help enterprise to build measuring room, restore comprehensively strengthen enterprise technology infrastructure. Second is bearing enterprises above designated size for brand-name products cultivating object, led the city brand creation work, vigorously implement the brand strategy. At the same time, develop brand implementation level. "Implementation opinion development and creating famous brand product", "management method wafangdian city famous brand product" and "wafangdian city people's government concerning the mayor of wafangdian bearing quality prize notice to the management of the formulated and issued, the brand construction has played a positive role in promoting. Three is constantly specification bearing market order. To strengthen the inspection of bearing enterprise in the city, the crackdown on fake name address, counterfeit product identification, counterfeit product certification and other illegal ACTS; Strengthen the railways, highways and other supplies distribution station and point of shipment inspection, the fake bearing products sent to outgoing and no logo plate bearing products, in accordance with the law shall be seized. With the enterprise to misconduct, and highlight the pertinence of anti-counterfeiting.
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